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Precision Flow manufactures a U.S. “Made in Texas” flagship gas measurement product, the Dual Chamber Meter tube, which provides you with the highest quality machining and finished product in the industry.

Why buy import when you can get a better product and a better price right here in Texas?

DP Diagnostics products will keep all your measurement equipment in tune and assure your measurement results are always accurate. It will alert your team when a problem knocks on your door. DPD will detect if operators have installed the orifice plate incorrectly, if you have a high dew point or hydrocarbons in the gas stream, or if trash is present upstream of your tube, all of which will affect the accuracy of the measurement results.


Precision Flow Inc. provides the attention and personal service you deserve.

Precision Flow Incorporated (PFI) was formed May 1981. PFI is based in Odessa, TX within the Permian Basin.

PFI is dedicated to serving the natural gas industries as an energy manufacturing and field service company. PFI manufactures gas measurement equipment including single and dual chamber meter fittings, meter runs and parts. A broad network of distributors has grown as a result of PFI’s care in manufacturing quality products.


DP Diagnostics LLC has a combined experience of 30 plus years in the research, development and manufacturing of DP flow meters for the oil and gas, chemical, process, power and transmission industries. DPD developed the first ever diagnostics tool for all Differential Pressure flow measurement systems. The Diagnostic system is available for all newly manufactured DP flow meters and can be retrofitted to the customer’s existing DP flow measurement system.