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EnerGroup announces representation of a patented proprietary one coat paint process manufactured by XO Science

EnerGroup LLC is proud to announce the representation of Proentek XO Science. This proprietary- patented coating process will revolutionize the way we apply and protect our infrastructure from Highway overpasses to bridges to buildings to the oil patch both onshore and offshore to the petro-chemical plants. From concrete to steel this nano –technology is a single coat process with incredible adhesion properties and UV / Saltwater resistant. Less time to apply and superior protection will yield this the coating product of choice when protection,, durability and economics matter..
The producers and operators in the upstream and midstream sectors continue to look for lower cost alternatives without sacrificing the integrity of their coating systems. Our product line and services are focused on bringing lower cost solutions, improved/enhanced designs and field friendly equipment alternatives to the market.
EnerGroup is a Master Distributor and Manufacturers Representative for extraordinary companies that provide products and services from the Wellhead to the Grid. (For more info see:

XO SCIENCE was formed in 2013 to bring revolutionary nanotechnology coatings to market. As a result of its advanced research and development in next generation coatings, XO SCIENCE received a grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce to support the opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Old Fort, NC, near Asheville. XO SCIENCE products employ proprietary and patented technologies that provide revolutionary anti-corrosion protection of steel.

XO.XTREMETM penetrates and bonds to steel, concrete, and other surfaces on a nano scale which fills fissures, voids and depressions, completely eliminating the need for a primer.
Their next-generation coatings have undergone extensive and advanced testing at numerous third-party laboratories including the Constructed Facilities Laboratory and the Analytical Instrumentation Facility at North Carolina State University.
XO SCIENCE manufactures in the U.S. and exports internationally. Their strategic alliances and worldwide distributor relationships allow them to proudly offer XO products throughout the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.
One coat process geared to protect Agricultural, Industrial, Infrastructure, Buildings, Marine, Offshore, Energy, Petro-Chemical.