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EnerGroup LLC announces newest members to their product and service line up

Master Distributor and Manufacturer Representative
For the following extraordinary companies

Image Custom Engineering Solutions, founded in 2003, and located in Houston and Corpus Christi, TX, offers a broad range of Engineering and Design Services and Software Technologies to the energy-gathering, distribution and refining industries globally. IMAGE is known as an industry leader in innovation and technology development as they have developed an extraordinary set of proprietary 3D Software Tools (EDGE 360) that help them achieve deliverables of superior quality with un-matched efficiency while still maintaining a competitive price.

MANCHESTER TANK, a division of McWane, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of Industrial and Energy sector pressure vessels for the containment of propane, compressed air, chemicals, water, oil and gas in the United States, Canada, Australia and Chile. The company’s broad product line includes DOT approved steel and aluminum cylinders ranging in size from 5 to 420 pounds and ASME approved steel tanks ranging in size from 1 to 30,000 gallons. Modular component style vessels are designed and engineered for true “Plug and Play” capability from one of their stocking distribution centers throughout the world.

Beaumont Manufacturing and Distribution Company, LLC (BMD) was formed in August of 2015 to manufacture high quality control equipment for the upstream oil and gas industry. Our company mission is to:

  • Deliver the highest value the industry has to offer at the lowest cost to the customer.
  • Develop lasting customer relationships through exceptional customer service.
  • Propel the industry forward by innovating new and creative solutions to age old problems.
  • Provide stability in an unpredictable and changing marketplace.

To achieve these goals BMD has dedicated itself to several core principles: honesty, integrity, quality, innovation, and value delivery through lean manufacturing and exceeding customer expectations.

Our expanding product offering currently includes: control valves, level controllers, pressure controllers, regulators and relief valves that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and material combinations to fit the customers’ specific needs.

Advanced Flow Products (AFP) is recognized as a leading manufacturer of quality chokes, gate valves, wellhead products and turnkey components. AFP assemblies are fully inter-changeable with FMC/OTC/H2/ Flow back and other competitor chokes. Included are  Gas Lift valves, Diaphragm-operated Dump/Motor Valves, Valve Automation and “Patented” Solar-Powered Anti-Freeze Valves. Also available are Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbide choke and valve trim and trim indicators in stock for immediate delivery.

Precision Flow Inc. specializes in building quality Natural Gas measurement equipment and manufactures orifice fittings, meter tubes, meter runs, orifice plates and reconditioned chart recorders. Field services are available to maintain or repair existing units in the field. Precision manufactures two styles of orifice fittings: single-chamber (solo-flow) and dual-chamber unit. Each orifice fitting is machined to exact specifications and tested to meet or exceed requirements set forth by ASME, ANSI, AGA, and API specifications.


Founded 20 years ago, Enimex USA is strategically located in Houston, TX and is the exclusive arm for Enimex North and South America operations. Currently operating in 3 manufacturing facilities, totaling 145,000 square feet of production space and employs more than 15 full-time engineers responsible for design, production, testing and commissioning worldwide the products/solutions manufactured.

  • Engineer, Design and Manufacture of Ball and Plug Valves
  • Engineer, Design, Start-up and Commission of High, Medium and Low Pressure Metering and Regulating Stations for Gas Transmission Networks and Power Plants
  • Design, Manufacturing, Start-up and Commissioning of turnkey solutions for CNG/LNG filling stations

Ball Valves 1” thru 42” Floating and Trunnion Mounted Class 150-300-600-900#

Plug Valves 1” thru 16” Lubricated, Pressure Balanced, Class 150-300-600#           Certified API 6D, CE, Fire Safe, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

All Enimex products are fully API, NACE, ISO and CE Certified. Enimex services customers in the U.S., European Union States, Russia and the CIS, Middle East, North Africa, Israel and Far East.

Quest-Tec Solutions provides companies with flexible solutions to specific needs rather than adapting existing products to meet presented circumstances. As a leader in liquid level measurement innovation, we will continue to offer the quality and performance customers expect. QTS Level specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.



COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION MONITORING AND REMOTE TELEMETRY Sentry Technologies is an automation supply company founded and staffed by people who understand oil and gas production because we walk in a producer’s boots. With decades of hands-on experience in the field, our team understands exactly what our customers need from measurement and monitoring equipment, the service they expect, and the importance of fast, reliable information. Producers in oil and gas fields across America depend on Sentry’s cost-effective and reliable automation systems to keep production flowing safely and economically. Production losses and bad data cost valuable personnel time and money. For accurate, real-time data, exceptional customer service and a technology company that puts your goals first, look no further than Sentry Technologies.

JAGflo delivers quality valve products at exceptional value and attractive lead times by combining leading manufacturing practices with global sourcing. Attention to detail and an uncompromising attitude toward quality has driven JAGflo to achieve worldwide approvals by major end users.

JAGflo’s certified factory in Stafford, TX is part of our rapidly expanding manufacturing capability and substantial inventory. JAGflo offers manual, automated and modified valve packages for singular replacements or multimillion dollar projects.

With hundreds of thousands of valves installed worldwide, JAGflo has earned a reputation that you can depend on.

Our constant attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction and ethical business practices are why we say JAGflo is Built with Integrity.

Well Location Data & Mapping Services

  • Permit Filing and Drilling Activity Reports updated and distributed via email weekly *
  • 24/7 Online Access to Weekly Permit and Drilling Activity Reports
  • 24/7 Online Access to Mapped Version of Reports
  • 24/7 Online Well Search Tool w/Google Maps Interface for Driving Directions
  • Smartphone and Tablet Mobile Device Compatibility for all Online Features

Burner Management

Safety and compliance are as mission-critical as your wellhead, so automating processes to help manage risk and ensure production uptime is just smart business. Platinum Control can help you get there.

Platinum Control’s Burner Management Systems (BMS) provide automated remote burner management, ignition and temperature controls. The systems enable you to record essential data and safely automate heating processes, decreasing injury risk, maximizing well production and facilitating environmental compliance.

Vapor Recovery

Vapor Recovery

The oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly regulated with new air quality standards defined by the EPA. On August 16, 2012 the EPA approved 40 CFR Part 60& 63 Subpart OOOO, which requires at least 95% emission reduction from new, modified or reconstructed storage vessels. Platinum Vapor Control’s Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) enable you to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, maintain EPA ompliance, and capture additional revenue opportunities.


Quest-Tec Solutions provides companies with flexible solutions to specific needs rather than adapting existing products to meet presented circumstances. As a leader in liquid level measurement innovation, we will continue to offer the quality and performance customers expect. QTS Level specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.

XO SCIENCE was formed in 2013 to bring revolutionary nanotechnology coatings to market. As a result of its advanced research and development in next generation coatings, XO SCIENCE received a grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce to support the opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Old Fort, NC, near Asheville. XO SCIENCE products employ proprietary and patented technologies that provide revolutionary anti-corrosion protection of steel.

XO.XTREMETM penetrates and bonds to steel, concrete, and other surfaces on a nano scale which fills fissures, voids and depressions, completely eliminating the need for a primer.

Their next-generation coatings have undergone extensive and advanced testing at numerous third-party laboratories including the Constructed Facilities Laboratory and the Analytical Instrumentation Facility at North Carolina State University. XO SCIENCE manufactures in the U.S. and exports internationally. Their strategic alliances and worldwide distributor relationships allow them to proudly offer XO products throughout the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

One coat process geared to protect

Agricultural, Industrial, Infrastructure, Buildings, Marine,

Offshore, Energy, Petro-Chemical

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